Telecommunications Equipment Installation and Repairing

We have an expert team in :

-Install communications equipment in offices, private homes, and buildings that are under construction.
- Set up, rearrange, and replace routing and dialing equipment.
- Inspect and service equipment, wiring, and others.
- Repair or replace faulty, damaged, and malfunctioning equipment.
- Test repaired, newly installed, and updated equipment to ensure that it works properly.

Line Of Site Survey

- We will make sure that the path is clear and we have LOS using binoculars, balloons, and Scada SW or PathLos4.

Site Survey

- Our team is capable to collect and provide all the data that you need about the site and will give you the advice and assistance that you need.

Fiber Optic Services

- We are committed to providing the most innovative solutions and expert systems integration for all aspects of optical transport systems.

Electrical Work

Power System Installation

We have an expert team in :

- Install and routing power cables, cable tray, and main circuit breakers for any manufacturer.
- Repair or replace the damaged cables and circuits breakers.

Grounding System Installation

- Installing and repairing the ground system for towers, factories, .. etc and we guarantee that all equipment is completely grounded.

Civil Work

Tower Installation

- We are the leading tower Installation Company for all wireless telecommunication networks.
- We are the best in business and experience. Our expertise lies in our work order.
- We deliver our services in all over Libya and install tower of every telecommunication network.
- TTC works on shaping the vision of connected TTC in reality, we are working on connected every city, every village, every part of Libya with each other.

Concrete Base Foundation

- Preparing the foundation for shelters, solar panels, ..etc.